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Confused about exactly what you have? Painting, print, antique reproduction, masterpiece or a garage sale item.

Just send us a photo of it in the mail (no e-mail please). We'll write and tell you if it warrants researching, plus our fee. There is no obligation or charge for this initial examination.


This is our company slogan, our company creed. We don’t just value art and antiques, for they are inanimate objects without feelings. We prepare documents of authenticity and value for our clients. We must help them find ways to best use them. Through these documents they come to value their collections more or use them to change the value of their lives. We are not just number providers, but a company with deep feelings on a mission to help you. For "it's you we value most."

2112 Walnut Circle | Northbrook, IL. 60062

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» Art Dealer Services to Galleries
» Authenticating Modern Paintings
» Corporate Art Collections
» Merrill Chase & Circle Gallery Art Work
» Old Master and Important Painting Appraisals
» Old Master and Modern Drawings
» Prints, Etchings and Lithographs
» Unsigned Paintings and Sculpture
» Chicago Artists
» Antique/Collectible Photographs
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» Identification of Famous Persons
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Antique Funiture
» Antique Furniture Appraisals
» Chinese Furniture - Oriental Furniture
» Be an Antique Furniture Detective
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Selling - Buying - Donation
» Top Ten Tips to Selling in Today's Economy
» Secrets to Purchasing Art in Today's Economy
» Selling Artwork
» Buying Artwork
» Museum & Charitable Donations
» How to Choose an Art Auction House to Sell Your Items
» How to Read Auction Records
» Are the Big New York Auction Houses the Answer?
» How to Sell to Museums
» Go Green by Selling in Today's Economy
» Honesty is So Rare

Oriental Art/Antiques
» Oriental Art and Antiques
» Ivory Carvings -Gold in Your Attic
» Jade Carvings
» Oriental Rug Appraisals
» Japanese Woodblock Prints
» Tapestries & Textiles
» Honesty is So Rare

Fun Stuff
» Lincoln and the Civil War
» So You Think You Have a Van Gogh
» So You Think You Have a Rembrandt
» Complaint Letters
» Authenticating Signatures and Autographs
» History of Rembrandt Etchings Editions
» Secrets to Authenticate Picasso Drawings

Antique Related
» Antique Appraisals
» Art & Antique Restoration - When and What to Do
» Guns, Swords and Militaria
» World War II Memorabilia
» Lincoln and Civil War Memorabilia
» Limoges China
» Tapestries & Textiles
» Silver Appraisals
» Antiquities - Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc.
» Honesty is So Rare

Legal Information
» Appraisal for Divorce & Division of Property
» Appraisal for Estates, Court and Division of Property
» Estates and Estate Executors
» Is Your Home Insurance Company Telling You the Truth?
» Museum Services
» Honesty Is So Rare
» Illinois Bar Association Recomendation

Art Authentication
» Cutting Edge Painting Authentication
» Collector's Guide to Scientific Lab Art Tests
» Scientific Lab Analysis of Art
» Laboratory Testing and Research
» Unsigned Paintings and Sculpture
» Free Second Look at Old Appraisals
» Art Appraisals in the Computer Age
» Secrets to Authenticate Picasso Drawings
» Honesty is So Rare

Insurance and Insurance Claims
» Art Claims Assistance
» Forensic Claim Appraisals
» Antique Claims Adjusting Today
» Appraisals for Insurance
» Personal Property Insurance Claims
» Honesty is So Rare

General Information
» How to Contact Us
» Easy Payment Plans
» Art Collecting Secrets
» Frequently Asked Questions
» Appraiser's Associations International Art Historian Teams
» Secrets Other Appraisers Won't Tell You
» Other Professionals in Antiques and Art
» Art Historian vs. Art Expert
» Honesty is So Rare

Famous Artists
» So You Think You Have an Edouard Cortes Painting
» Salvador Dali Authentication
» Collector's Guide to Dali Prints
» Picasso Drawings and Paintings
» Secrets to Authenticate Picasso Drawings
» Rembrandt Etchings and Old Master Prints
» History of Rembrandt Etching Editions
» So You Know You have a Michelangelo
» So You Think You Have a Rembrandt Painting
» So You Think You Have a Van Gogh
» Van Gogh: Secrets the Other Appraisers Don't Know
» So You Think You Have a Degas
» So You Think You Have a Monet
» Identification of Famous Persons
» Honesty is So Rare

Autograph Authentication
» Authenticating Signatures and Autographs

» Art Sculpture Appraisals (Bronze, Marble, Wood)
» Ivory Carvings
» Jade Carvings
» Honesty is So Rare

Pre-Columbian/Indian Art
» Pre-Columbian Stone Masks
» Pre-Columbian Art
» American Indian Artifacts
» Honesty is So Rare

Artist Services
» Artist Services

About Us
» Honesty is So Rare  
» Illinois Bar Association Recomendation
» Fees and Terms
» How to Contact Us
» Career Opportunities
» Life of a Super Appraiser
» So You Know You Have a Michelangelo
» References

» Help!  I Don't Know What I Have or Know What I Don't Know

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