Art Appraisals for Artists

Artists have unique needs. They must have insurance on their own art work while in their studio, in transit to galleries, and on public display.

Most appraisers find this type of art difficult to appraise because of lack of published sales records. We specialize in it! We are the art appraiser you are looking for.

Just phone us and we'll be glad to work out a special plan for your particular needs. Minimum fee is $195.00.

Chicago Appraisers Association was founded by artists and is still run by artists. We can help. We speak your language! A complete art appraisal service.

For more information about the current bills before congress: Artist-Museum Partnership Act, Artists Fair Market Deduction Bill, HR-1598 Artists Contribution to American Heritage Act in the Tax Relief Act of 2005 (S.2020) click here.

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