Famous Artists

  1. So You Think You Have an Edouard Cortes Painting
  2. Salvador Dali Authentication
  3. Collector's Guide to Dali Prints
  4. Picasso Drawings and Paintings
  5. Secrets to Authenticate Picasso Drawings
  6. Rembrandt Etchings and Old Master Prints
  7. History of Rembrandt Etching Editions
  8. So You Know You have a Michelangelo
  9. So You Think You Have a Rembrandt Painting
  10. So You Think You Have a Van Gogh
  11. Van Gogh: Secrets the Other Appraisers Don't Know
  12. So You Think You Have a Degas
  13. So You Think You Have a Monet
  14. Identification of Famous Persons
  15. Honesty is So Rare




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