Top Ten Tips to Selling in Today's Economy

  1. Make the buyer smell blood!  No one buys today unless they feel they are getting a steal.

  2. Prove it is in perfect condition.  No one has to settle for second best today, if they have the money.

  3. Prove it is authentic.  There are too many fakes on the market so buyers are fussy.

  4. Send more than one color photo.  Buyers generally don't have good imagination, so more than one photo lets them to better imagine how it will look in their home.

  5. Give an accurate description:  age, country of origin, size, material, whether it is signed and is illustrated in any reference book.  This gives credibility your work is worth buying.

  6. Offer free shipping, if it is small and easily packed.

  7. Always use Paypal or cash, never a credit card.  Credit cards can be reversed, personal checks can bounce.

  8. Price it fairly!  If three sold in the last year for less than you're asking, the buyer will know when they research it.  Know the price history!  A formal appraisal is ideal.

  9. Follow up shipping with a phone call or e-mail.  There is something called "buyer's remorse" where you can convince them to  keep it with a little encouragement.

  10. Be enthusiastic!  Tell the buyer you still love it, but need the room or money.  You are glad it is going to a good home where someone else can enjoy it.

The Chicago Appraisers Association can help you provide all the necessary information a perspective buyer asks.  We will stand by your side and answer any new questions that come up from the buyer.  We will stand behind the authenticity and confirm the condition.  But most of all a serious buyer can call us and we'll help you sell it thru a glowing recommendation.  We're at your side, when you need it.  Isn't this the support you really want?  A professional appraisal doesn't cost, it pays!

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